Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mardi Gras and Lawyers That Suck

Mardi Gras has always had a large satiric component to it, but whatever big political and news stories that may have provided fodder for costumes this year were dwarfed by the jubilation this city has been experiencing since the Saints won the Super Bowl!

But even in the midst of all the black and gold, we found this costume:

Miss Hap at Mardi Gras

At first, yes - great, clever, funny. Even better was her companion, dressed as the truck that ran her over:

Miss Hap at Mardi Gras with the Truck that Hit Her

But, even better was his bumper sticker:

Mardi Gras - Michael Hingle Sucks

Michael Hingle, of course, is one of the local ambulance chasers with those ever-present commercials on late-night television. Many of his spiels start out with “If you get caught in a wreck with an eighteen-wheeler...”

That reminds me of an example of why these types of ads may promise just a bit too much. I forgot where I heard this, but it was a story about a father and daughter asking one of these types of attorneys to represent them. After seeing the commercial promising a big check after getting in a wreck with an eighteen-wheeler, they go to see the attorney. The daughter had luckily survived a near-head-on collision with a big rig, and she and her father wanted to know how much they could recover from the trucking company. So the attorney started asking his questions, one of the first being “What were you doing at the time?” To which the daughter said, “well, I had accidentally crossed into the oncoming traffic...”

That’s not verbatim, but I swear I read that somewhere. I’ll try and find it some other time.

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