Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legal Education and Twitter... Jeez

I think this student could be one of ours...

Law student in the law libry in sweaty gym clother browsing celebrity gossip sites

Of course, dumb law student Tweets are like shooting fish in a barrel, but I just happen to point my gun in this person's direction tonight.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weird Westlaw Glitch/Typo

I think some Westlaw copy editor fell asleep and hit the Y key with their nose:

Weird Westlaw Glitch or Typo

Oh, and a “deck” is a copy editor term for part of the headline, like the “sub-headline,” I guess. So maybe that part was an error in the original newspaper. That story (Westlaw login required) has been on Westlaw at least since around its publication date, so say about ten months. Wonder if it will ever be corrected.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Audrey Hepburn ALA-Styled "Read" Poster

Came across this lovely picture of Audrey Hepburn and thought it would make a great ALA-Style poster.
Audrey Hepburn reading

Wish I could see what book she was reading. Found this image on a Tumblr about fashion, and using TinEye found it in several other places, including on a blog post with a photo collection of celebrities and books. Also found a copy that isn't cropped. But I couldn't find any information about the source; will have to go scour her biographies one of these days at the library. Or go to Anthropologie - I've browsed several nice books about her there while my wife was shopping.
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