Friday, December 14, 2012

Did Dustin Rip Off Calvin and Hobbes?

Exhibit A: Today’s strip of “Dustin” - ones of the best comics being written today - compares Santa Claus to the Department of Homeland Security:

Yes, cute and timely, but twenty or so years ago, Calvin and Hobbes compared the jolly old Elf to the CIA with basically the same gag.

Exhibit B:
Coincidence? Plagiarism? Asynchronous parallel inspiration?

Conclusion: I am way too obsessed with comics.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Drew Brees on New Tide Sport for Men Bottle

NBC News tonight had a brief segment about how Tide detergent is now marketing “Tide Sport with Febreze” to men. Same formula, just new marketing. The example they used has Drew Brees on the bottle. 

So is the slogan “Tide Sport for Men, now with Drewbreze! The best detergent for intercepting dirt!” (Hahaha - just kidding, Drew - we all know you’ll bounce back out of this slump, probably when the new baby starts sleeping through the night. Just wait until next year!)

And someone at Tide must have a sense of humor: the web page that shows this bottle has a picture of what looks like a trash-talking San Francisco 49ers fan next to it (screen capture below for when the page changes):

That’s just mean!

The video of the NBC story is here (follow link or, hopefully, embedded here):

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According to Brian Williams, the real slogan for the detergent is “Tide Plus Febreze Sport with victory-fresh scent!” Saint fans will be happy enough with the fresh scent of a break-even record this season.
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