Monday, March 8, 2010

Professor Kingsfield's Secret

How did Professor Kingsfield maintain his sharp legal mind throughout his career? The answer is revealed in one of the episodes of the Paper Chase television show (which I've been plowing through recently):

Yes, Gilbert's Law Summaries! Not once, but twice:

In this episode (Season 1, episode 6, "Nancy", with guest star Elyssa Davolos, playing the titular, this-episode-only girlfriend of Hart), he's seen carrying a Gilbert's around!

Obviously, Kingsfield doesn't need to consult Gilbert's for Contracts, and if you zoom in on the first picture, you can sorta make out the title and see he's boning up on constitutional law:

Perhaps he finally got tired of the statute of frauds, the speluncean explorers, and all that crap and wanted to teach Con Law for a change?

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