Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August 2009 Netflix Report

August 2009 Netflix SummaryArrived at HomeReceived at NetflixDays at HomeMonthly Average Days at HomeCost Per Movie
The Whole Shootin'
Match: Bonus Materials
08/01 08/04 3
Session 9 08/01 08/04 3
Silver City 08/04 08/11 7
Robin and Marion 08/05 08/10 5
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 08/05 08/07 2
Emergency Kisses 08/07 08/11 4
The Soloist 08/08 08/11 3
The Inglorious Bastards (1978) 08/11 08/13 2
The Strange One 08/12 09/02 21
Hamlet 2 08/12 08/25 13
Shakes the Clown 08/13 09/03 21
Sleeping Dogs Lie 08/14 09/05 22
7.6 $1.54

These 12 movies are all over the board. A recent big release - the Soloist - was neither as cliched or as good as it could have been. Session 9 looked more interesting than it was when it was a "suggested" title at Netflix. Emergency Kisses was the worst of the lot - I only watched it because its a follow up to I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar, which was in last month's queue, and both of which, again, were mentioned in the Sunday New York Times' DVD new releases column and both of which I would gouge my eyes out before watching again - indulgent, autobiographical crap. But the NYT also highlighted the two Bobcat Goldthwait titles - Shakes the Clown (starred and directed) and Sleeping Dogs Lis (directed). The first one was damn funny, but the second one was really good, especially given a premise that must have been a hell of a pitch to try to sell.

And - I think I just realized this - when your next Netflix movie is not available from your closest distribution center, they'll let you know that its being shipped from wherever, BUT they'll also ship an additional movie that is next in your queue at the same time so you have an extra at home at no extra charge. This month, two movies - Shakes the Clown and Emergency Kisses - were extras for me.

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