Monday, March 23, 2009

CALI Lesson: Louisiana Primary Legal Resources

My CALI Lesson Louisiana Primary Legal Resources (membership required, and you have to be logged in to access the lesson), is now on-line at CALI.Org.
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The lesson will also be on the forthcoming 2009-2010 CALI DVD-Rom.

This was pretty quick - I turned in my final draft with revisions based on the two reviewers' comment about three weeks ago. But it was the first CALI lesson I wrote directly for the flash interface that CALI now prefers to use for all their lessons. The older lessons converted to the flash format don't look so great, but I took into consideration the layout of the flash lessons' display when I made the graphics for this one and it turned out pretty good.
CALI's Legal Research and Writing advisory group started soliciting state lesson a few years ago. I guess the main appeal for these are to students at law schools in a particular state, or who know they are going to be practicing in a state and want to learn about that state's legal resources. We have enough unique stuff in Louisiana to make for a decent lesson, and I hope students at the four law schools here get some use out of it.

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