Monday, March 9, 2009

CALI Legal Research and Writing Lessons are Big In Japan

Well, at least a bunch of the CALI LRW lessons are listed in a table at the end of this paper:

Here’s an image of the table:Image Hosted by

And here’s an image of the cover page, with “CALI” highlighted:
Image Hosted by

I’m not sure what this paper is. It might be something about orientation for Japanese students coming to take classes at law schools here in the U.S. Google has a translation option, but it says this document is too long. But I copied chunks of the first page over to and it translates what is apparently the title of this document as:
Role of legal information investigation and the low library in the United States
Since “low library” must be some spelling glitch, I’m guessing that this is about “Legal Research and the Law Library in the United States”. Some of the footnotes are in English, and there are a lot of them about legal education, technology, and distance education, and some of them link to CALI, so its probably about technology and legal education as well.

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