Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Possum Accomplished!

Caught this guy over the weekend:

He’s (I hope it’s a he and that there’s not a passel of baby possums now mama-less under the house) been eating the food we leave out for the semi-feral cats we take care of for a couple of months, and I broke down and bought us our own Havahart trap. And the first morning after having it set, there he was. I really thought I was going to have to spend a couple of nights training the yard cats that the trap was something to stay out of, but they were too smart, or the possum was too hungry. Still not sure how he got here - I chased off a raccoon back in the Spring because he was dumb enough to stick his head out from under the house when I had the hose nozzle in my hand and he hasn't been back since I got him square in the face with the water at full force. The possum hadn't been affording me the same opportunity, hence the trap. This map shows the neighborhood where we are (blue marker), a good 2.6 miles to Audubon park (red marker), the nearest place I would expect to find Possums in New Orleans. But there are more remote areas in City Park, so that's where I freed him (green marker):


Belatedly, I realized I could have kept him and had our own New Year's Eve “Possum drop” like they do up in North Carolina.

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