Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Pilots 'n Paws": Volunteer Aviator Dog Rescue

Reading an old issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education, I came across this article:

The dogs in the plane tell the whole story - they got a reprieve from being euthanized and were flown by volunteers to no-kill shelters around the country. The George Mason professor's non-profit group, Pilots-N-Paws, connects like-minded pilot volunteers and receptive shelters who promise to place the dogs in new homes.

This inspires me to want to follow-up on a more low-tech version of this concept: years ago relatives in Denver were having trouble finding kittens to adopt because the harsh northern winters there pretty much keep a check on any potential feral cat population. So I thought the solution was to find cat-friendly truck drivers who drove regular north-south routes, like from Dallas to Denver, New Orleans to Chicago, etc., etc., and who could take some of the surplus cats we have here to shelters up north who would help place them in homes. Now I just need to think of a clever name: "Pedals and Purrs"? (i.e., "put the pedal to the metal") - ahhh! - "Cat Convoys"! Yes! Hahahahahaha....

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