Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 New Orleans Saints Who Dat Nation Membership Quiz

On the occasion of the start of the regular season today, all Saints fans should take the following quiz to determine their true level of committed Who Dat-ness!

1) The 2010 Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints were:

A) The greatest team fielded by the Saints in franchise history.

B) The greatest team fielded by any NFL franchise in league history.

C) The greatest team ever fielded in any sport in all of history from the dawn of time to the end of the universe.

2) The Saints' successful on-side kick at the start of the second half of Super Bowl 44 was:

A) The gutsiest play ever called in a Super Bowl game.

B) The gutsiest play ever in any football game.

C) The single most significant strategic decision ever made by a human being.

3) Tracy Porter’s fourth-quarter Super Bowl interception that took the Saints to their decisive 31 to 17 winning lead was:

A) The best turnover play in the history of the Super Bowl.

B) The best and most decisive victory-sealing play in the history of sports.

C) The single greatest accomplishment in human history, surpassing agriculture, writing, and the discovery of fire.

4) New Orleans Head Coach Sean Peyton is:

A) The best coach the New Orleans Saints have ever had.

B) The greatest coach ever to walk the face of the Earth.

C) The most supreme strategist ever to command men, usurping all other piker wannabes like Napoleon, Rommel, and Sun Tzu.

5) New Orleans Saints Quarterback and Superbowl 44 MVP Drew Brees is:

A) The greatest quarterback in Saints history.

B) The greatest athlete ever in human history.

C) So amazing and all-encompassing in his athletic skills and leadership abilities that he transcends human experience and cannot be fully appreciated by such mortals as we who are merely fit to touch the hem of his jersey as we grovel before him and avert our gaze from his face.

Answer Key: If you answered anything but “C” to any of these questions, burn all your Saints memorabilia and gauge your eyes out before game time because you do not deserve to call yourself a true member of the Who Dat Nation.

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