Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Netflix Report

October 2009 Netflix SummaryArrived at HomeReceived at NetflixDays at HomeMonthly Average Days at HomeCost Per Movie
Babel 10/01 10/03 2
Away We Go 10/06 10/08 2
Wait Until Dark 10/06 10/23 17
Sir, No Sir 10/13 10/23 10
The Girlfriend Experience 10/19 10/23 4
The Fountain 10/24 10/31 7
Amores Perros 10/24 11/10 17
The Children's Hour 10/24 11/05 12
FTA 10/26 11/05 10
9.0 $2.06

Nine Netflix movies this month. Babel and Ammores Perros were the best two of the bunch, and I didn't realize until after I saw them that they were made by the same director: Babel came up because its one I missed when it was out, and Amores Perros is one of several cities set in Mexico City that I've been watching in "preparation" for the early vacation my wife and I are taken there two weeks before Christmas. She didn't want to watch Amores Perros after the opening dog-fighting scenes, so I watched that by myself and those scenes indeed - and there were worse to come - were harrowing, but it was an excellent flick and, duh, you can see how it and Babel are similar in structure and scope. The Fountain was the other really good movie in the bunch, and both Wait Until Dark and The Children's Hour are two more in our efforts to watch all the Audrey Hepburn movies on Netflix.

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