Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Leeches the Leechers?: Blog Vacuums

I have a few “google alert” searches set up, mainly to test that service. One search is for anything that links back to my blog here - and I got a result - the first result, I think - that led me to this page:

Which is an un-attributed cut-and-paste copy of a post I made in March. HowDoHowTo.Com is a web site that apparently does just that: vacuums up content from elsewhere and posts it on its own website with its own ads around it.

There is a notice on each page here with contact information that says:
Some articles in our site are from internet and for purpose of display only, all rights reserved by the authors. If any of these infinges your rights, please notice us ( #=@) and we will delete it as soon as possible.
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It basically admits what they’re doing and contemplates that people will want their stuff removed if it “infinges” [sic!] their rights. I’ll e-mail that person and do just that in a minute.

Their front page changes so much I couldn’t see what the google alert had found, but the link in the e-mail indicated it was the “Thai Pirates” post about CALI, which is funny since the original post was about some web site leeching the CALI web page and posting it more or less as their own. When I did a search for CALI at HowDoHowTo.Com I found several other posts, includuing this one, which I kept as a screen capture because of the abbreviated excerpt from the CALI web page and the banner ad that followed when I viewed it:
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This new CALI mission statement warrants a session at this summer’s conference.

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