Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Correcting Errors: LOC Wins

No surprise, I guess, but that was pretty fast. I didn't get an e-mail yet, but the catalog record at the Library of Congress I found yesterday has been corrected. No response yet about the contradictory Wikipedia articles.

So what other typos might be in the Library of Congress? In our catalog I used to occasionally find a few mis-spellings, like "Lousiana", so I tried a few terms in the subject headings at the LOC catalog. The second one I tried turned one up, and this time I made a screen capture of the LCCN permalink record (
Image Hosted by

I submitted another error report at the LOC. If I wasn't taking a four-day weekend, I would check back regularly to see exactly how long this takes. Can I do a Google alert on the LCCN permalink? How often does Google check for those? Oh, yeah, I haven't verified that Google alerts will actually do this: notify me when a page has changed. I tested it with something earlier today, and the page changed but i haven't received a notice. Will have to investigate further.

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