Monday, February 2, 2009

My Far-Sighted Handyman Granddad

At work, my office is like the land of forgotten toys - I have all manner of crap and furniture that I don’t have room for at home. Amongst all this is a little toy robot figure that my maternal grandfather, who was a typical handyman with an amazing workshop in his basement, made in the late 1970s:

I remember him saying that he made this after seeing the commercials for the first Star Wars movie, so they were modeled, or at least inspired by, R2D2 and C2PO:

(From - I do NOT have any Star Wars crap in my office; plenty of other crap, but not Star Wars junk.)

And I say it was after seeing the commercials for Star Wars because as far as I know he never actually SAW Star Wars. Of course the figure he made out of a power outlet, a light socket, and misc scrap he had sitting around looks nothing like the Star Wars duo but, as a student pointed out to me the other day, it does look like a movie robot of more recent vintage:

So, being the good semi-attorney I am, I have begun copyright infringement proceedings against Pixar, Disney, Steve Jobs, and everyone else associated with Wall-E.

Of course, I will have to get in line behind Steven Spielberg and everyone associated with HIS notable alien movie, which plenty of others have noted bears a similar resemblance to Wall-E:


Of course, Granddad's creation pre-dated E.T. by several years, so I guess I’ll also sue Spielberg and Amblin' Entertainment or whatever his company was back then:

Yesss! Goodbye student loans!!!

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