Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricane Evacuation Bingo!!!

My wife and I have a new game - Hurricane Evacuation Bingo!!! - just listen to the non-stop coverage on every channel and mark off common hurricane-related phrases like:
hunker down
mother of all storms
hurricane hunters
cone of uncertainty
gusting winds
and, when the storm and/or threat has passed, you can include additional phrases:
sigh of relief
dodged a bullet
co-ordinated re-entry
Its the game the whole family can play while packed in a Best Western in Greenville, Alabama or at gramma's house with the dog and four cats!!! (And even while driving 18 hours to Meridian, Mississippi! - just keep the radio on the local talk/news station!)
AND this is another good test case similar to my previous test case: how long until the unique phrase "hurricane evacuation bingo" is picked up by Google???

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